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Website Design in Prague

It is no secret that in modern world of information technologies, where worldwide Internet network plays a major role in all spheres of human activity, constant online presence has become a necessity. In most cases first we enter the Internet if we want to find answers to our questions. For business it means an ability of a direct contact with clients. For an ordinary person it means an opportunity to express his or her opinion, share it with a huge number of people and find associates. Creating your own website (personal or corporate blog, commercial site, corporate portal or online store) could help you with this task.

Creating and supporting websites of any complexity is a first-priority task for our company. If you want to differ from your competitors, to be always one step ahead, gracefully and spectacularly present your service or goods to your clients then you’ve come to the right place. Because original and stylish website design will draw potential clients and its content will introduce visitors to you company. We will be happy to help your business to shorten this distance between you and your potential customers.

We offer complex solutions in the scope of web design. We can:

  • help you to choose a domain name
  • register it for you
  • offer you web hosting services
  • create a website for you according to your wishes and demands
  • offer you website support

Finally you will get a ready-to-use solution to communicate to your clients. If you order website design right now we will offer you one month website support for free!

Our offer is always individual, so you can be sure that your website design will be unique and will be available for further upgrades and modifications. If your order from us a website with CMS you will get a powerful engine to administer your site. This means that you and your staff will be able to add, modify and delete pages (i.e. news, special offers, photos, videos, etc.) and other items (like titles, advertisements and so on) on your websites. After handing-over of the works our specialists will show your staff how to use and administrate CMS.

Website creation process could be divided into several stages:

  • define site goals and objectives
  • define site conception
  • create graphical design
  • create css and html markup
  • put actual content on a website

Defining site goals, objectives and conception.

Before we start creating your website you need to define what goals you want to achieve. For instance, it could be a small commercial site to promote your new product or service, it could be a small branding site to attract new clients, it could be your personal blog just to express your thoughs, or it could be a major corporate portal when your company does business internationally. You also need to define potential audience for your future website: who you want to see as your visitors, because websites directed to students, professional communities or future moms will look completely different.

On this stage you also define common website requirements:

  • color range
  • information you want to place on your site
  • services for your visitors (voting, forum, search, orders, etc.)
  • website structure

You also should know what sections will have your site and what content you would like to put on your site.

/Tip:/ Before you order website development, try to think over and to describe every single site requirement. It will allow you to conceive and formulate, what you want to get finally, it will lower costs and shorten development time.

Requirements specification.

Requirements specification will be the main document for your website. It should describe the following in details: functionality, structure, design requirements, navigation requirements and needed additional modules. After we get from you all needed basic information we start writing requirements specification for you. After we finish it we approve and sign it together with you. Requirements specification will be an annex to a treaty, and will be our blueprint for action.

Design prototype development.

Design prototype is based on your wishes and demands, which a specified in the requirements specification. Our designers prepare for you initial graphical website layout. After you approve component layout, colors and style, our specialists start converting initial psd-file to html and css.

Design to markup

This work is just a technical stage (though it’s very difficult to create a quality markup). After it you will get a ready-to-use html-template. You may take this template and create static pages, or we can create a theme base on this template for a chosen CMS (we prefer WordPress).

CMS Theme

This stage is optional – you order theme only in the case you need a content management system (CMS). It is also not an easy task because it needs some programming skills and needs a deep testing (as CMS theme is actually a program). Quality CMS theme could cost more but after all you get the best result.

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